Established from innovative research carried out within Loughborough Design School at Loughborough University, ‘Riant by Design’ uses discoveries from this research to reach out and share its expertise with communities, businesses and organisations.

1About Riant by Design

We want to support communities, businesses and organisations’ transition towards more sustainable and happier lifestyles through the design of their products, services and systems. At the moment we are developing this support through the workshops and talks that we offer, aiming to create a positive impact on social capital and innovation whilst helping to improve economic prosperity too.

Design for Happiness’ is a new radical framework that contributes to peoples’ happiness
and well-being through design, while also being a lever for building sustainable societies and lifestyles for both the individual and the collective; consequently encouraging systemic shifts in the way society operates.

It can be used as a method to bring from a bottom up approach the characteristics and values of what is important and meaningful for people, societies.

It has demonstrated that sustainable products, services and systems can enable material changes to take place without having to leave behind social networks which feed our happiness and well-being; therefore, unleashing great potential for driving sustainable change in business, organisations and society.

Me2About Carolina Escobar-Tello

Carolina is a forward thinking researcher, lecturer and designer. Sustainability, creativity & innovation, systemic thinking, and a pro-active mindset shape her role as a designer and citizen of the world.

With an MSc degree in Sustainable Product Design awarded at Distinction level allied to a first degree in Industrial Design, Carolina’s  PhD looked at understanding the way in which we can design sustainable products, services or systems capable of contributing to our happiness.

She has worldwide professional design experience in the industrial and governmental arena. In addition she has wide design teaching experience and workshops’ facilitation ranging from the academia to the industry, and has published in journals and international peer reviewed conference proceedings.

2About the Award

In 2013 Carolina won a HE Social Entrepreneurship Award for her design framework and toolkit ‘Design for Happiness’.  This award gave way to establishing ‘Riant by Design’, a company whose overarching aim is to support communities, businesses and organisations in their transition towards more sustainable and happier lifestyles.  This, in turn, seeks to generate a positive impact on social capital and innovation; and consequently economic prosperity.

The HE Social Entrepreneurship Awards programme from UnLtd, the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), and Loughborugh University provides financial and non-financial support to social entrepreneurs across the UK who want to create positive change within their communities and make it happen.


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